Saturday 21 April 2012

Zapcat Racing Newquay Grand Prix. Pictures

This weekend in Newquay at Fistral beach the Zapcat Racing Grand Prix is currently being held. On the 21st and 22nd April.

Fistral beach Newquay Cornwall
Hearing that the Zapcats are down at the beach and knowing that the waves are still big and squally from the recent storm swell i wrapped up warm and headed down to Fistral with my camera. There's lots of spectators watching the extreme sport with constant dodging of the incoming tide and plenty of action to be seen. Some photographers were slightly more prepared for the incoming tide and the bitterly cold northerly wind.

Newquay Photography
With a strong northerly wind blowing each time a race is started and the Zapcats head out over the breaking waves the wind is holding up the vessels and there are several moments where the boats are vertical high in the air before crashing down back into the waves. Several times the strong wind got the better of some of the crew and quite literally lifted their boats out of the water and tipped the crew out landing the boats upside down on top of them. With jeers from the audience and the RNLI crew rushing to the crews assistance and bringing them back on jet skis, whilst nudging the boats in the direction of the shore ready for the next race. 
Zapcat racing Newquay Cornwall

Zapcat racing Fistral beach Newquay Cornwall

Stormy seas Newquay Cornwall

Zap cats getting air. Cornwall

Zap Cat white water racing Cornwall

Zapcat race line up

Zap cat race finals Newquay Fistral beach

Zapcats smash through waves in Cornwall

Zap cats launch of Newquay's Fistral beach.

Race marshals at zapcat racing Cornwall

Zapcat race Newquay Grand Prix pictures

Zapcat race Fistral beach Grand Prix pictures

Fistral beach photography

Zapcat grand prix Cornwall UK

Zap cat racing of Cornish coast
If you about tomorrow in Newquay i would strongly recommend going to Fistral beach to watch the Zapcat racing, as it's certainly an exhilarating event to watch.

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