Tuesday 29 November 2011

A bad day

I've decided that today is a bad day, your probably wondering why I am classing a whole day as bad when it's only just entered the afternoon, firstly my day started with knocking over my morning brew! Spilling tea all over the kitchen top down the front of the dishwasher and down myself, this is followed by my breakfast of a crumpet being dropped into my second cup of tea! I decide to give up forget the tea and breakfast and head to work in sideways rain and Gail force winds! I'm currently writing this in a hospital waiting room that is full of kids watching some very very annoying singing animals on the tv... Well all watching minus the one screaming in the corner. Oh and I forgot to mention my arrival to hospital..... I decided to park in Truros new park and ride scheme, parking some way from the busses I then walked in the pouring rain to the terminals to find out I don't have cash on me and brilliantly the building doesn't take card payments! So I walk back to my car, now completely soaked and drive to the hospital. I'm sitting here with very soggy feet hoping that my pre op assessment goes better!

Today i'm calling a bad day, let's hope it gets better. X

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