Saturday 19 November 2011

Backbeat Sounsystem at the Wateringhole Perranporth

Last night I ventured across to Perranporth for the wonderful reggae band Backbeat soundsytem, who were playing at the Wateringhole, who were truly amazing and had me dancing all night to some wonderful ska reggae beats. There's a real wonderful sense of going to a gig in a bar and the only way of getting there is to walk across the beach over a stream across more sand until reaching the bar tables lodged into the sand at the entrance of the bar.

For a wintery November night the place was heaving as crowds flocked to see such an amazing band, Unfortunately i have no photos of last nights gig as i was too busy dancing to wonderful music, which even after the band finished playing the wateringhole proceeded to play music by Gentlemans dub club another favorite band, so really a perfect night of local music.

Loving the Cornish music scene and can't wait for my next night out..... which maybe tonight at the Brook House in Newquay as Sandfire Siren are playing.

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