Tuesday 13 December 2011

Cold Snap in Cornwall

Finally today it is actually feeling a bit colder and slightly more wintery. I'm not wishing to be all bah humbug and not festive but i don't feel in the slightest bit christmassy yet this year. Last sunday rather than going christmas shopping i went surfing!! I went in the sea in December and it wasn't even cold!!!

I know the weather today has been on off with sunshine and showers, but in the moments of sunshine i couldn't help but feel slightly puzzled with the sun beaming through the window warming my arm, yet a christmas song is playing in the background on the radio, that didn't feel right.

I've decided I'm blaming the mild weather for my lack of festive cheer, which I'm hoping is about to change, driving home tonight the temperature was displaying in my car as 2'C which is making me want to wrap up warm, snuggle up inside and wrap Christmas presents. There's still not been a frost yet this winter down here in Cornwall, but fingers crossed for some frosty mornings soon so that i can get out early and get some sunrise snaps of crisp chilly winter mornings.

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