Saturday 17 December 2011

Christmas Cake

Christmas cake decoration.  
Today to avoid the frequent hail showers i decided it was the time to decorate the Christmas cake. When i say decorate the cake i mean simply decorate! I didn't actually make the cake myself! i know that's cheating, however my lovely mum made the cake back in November and I've been keeping it moist by coating it in Disaronno each week.

After creating a complete mess in the kitchen, including spilling food colouring everywhere and getting edible glitter spray everywhere i don't think the cake turned out too bad!

Christmas fruit cake

Home made Christmas cake

Marzipan covered Christmas cake

Icing covered Christmas cake

Fondant cake decorations

Polar bear cake topper

edible silver balls

Polar bear Christmas cake

Home made Christmas cake decorations

Bear cake

Christmas cake decorating

It's not perfect, it's lumpy and bumpy, and my polar bear is a little wonky, but it's the effort that counts and i look forward to eating some cake next week. 

Happy Christmas

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  1. Hi Amanda; it's Mark from Marksvegplot...
    Your last few posts mention Cornwall a lot. Are you Cornish? My Dad was from Scilly, and I spent much of my youth in the Penzance / St.Ives area.
    Love your Polar Bear BTW. He has "character"!