Tuesday 5 February 2013

Chybucca Junction on the A30

I rant quite a lot about traffic in Cornwall, at the main route of most of my road rage is the junction that joins Perranporth and Truro with the A30 also know as Chybucca junction. Anyone that commutes in the morning in either direction on the A30 passing this junction will share my frustration.

Here, all normal road knowledge seams to go out the window and any reference to the highway code ignored, traffic joining the main road from a minor road seams to have priority and people pull out in front of you. Then there's the queuing traffic that wants to get across the junction crossing your right of way... but here everyone must see invisible give way lines and stops to let cars across, this causes tailbacks often as far as Zelah in one direction and the Chiverton Cross roundabout in the other. Even when there is no traffic waiting to cross the junction people still seam to stop at an imaginary give way line just in case often causing accidents.

Well this morning sitting in yet again another queue of traffic waiting to get through the junction I noticed a man in a high visibility jacket setting up some cameras on the junction. Hopefully this is related to the council actually paying attention to the problems on the roads and putting an idea into plan to solve this traffic nightmare hot spot. I remember seeing a few years ago some plans to put a double mini roundabout at Chybucca junction but never heard any more.

With things like Heartlands, the Pool Innovation centre, Camborne college and lots of exciting developments in west Cornwall surely it's imperative to build the road networks to support these new ventures, especially joining Newquay airport with the business hubs in the west should be a priority to help Cornwall thrive as a county not just during the popular tourism season but all year round.

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