Sunday 17 June 2012

NeverSeconds Blog

Well i've got to say when i heard on the news about 9 year old Martha Payne and her blog never seconds, i was really touched. If you haven't heard on the news this little 9 year old girl takes pictures of her school lunches each day and then blogs about them. She rates her food and thus forms the basis of her food blog. 

Not only is this young blogger creating a daily feed of blogging she is also raising money for charity too! What a little star. However when the press found her blog the school had asked her to stop the blog and stop photographing her school dinners. 

It didn't take long for the press to find out about this either and suddenly she is allowed to photograph her dinners again and the mass media interest has turned her charity funds from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds in a few days. 

This is a truly inspirational blogger, and at 9 years old really is incredible. If you would like to visit her blog or donate some money for Mary's Meals a school meal projects in Malawi you can here.

Well done Martha.

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