Sunday 2 September 2012

Over The Hill Festival Pictures. Cornwall 2012

When i heard that there was a new festival heading to Cornwall and that it was only £12 for the whole weekend with camping and LOTS of music i couldn't believe what i was hearing. With a facebook page for the event set up with constant streaming of bands being added to the bill all the time this was a definite event to go to. Over the Hill music festival.

The whole of Newquay Dub Club rallied together and the whole club turned out in force for a weekend of fun.... and sun. (Yes we actually have sun and i have photographs to prove it!)

We arrived on site at about 7pm on the Friday to people in cars queuing to get onto site, people queuing to get their tickets and activity every where. The staff were really friendly whilst they explained that it had been a lot busier than expected and if we just waited they would open up another field and get us all pitched up very quickly. Luckily being part of Newquay Dub Club we had a camping pitch reserved right next to the main festival field and we were on our way and the cider's began to flow.

The first band we saw were The Sum Of, a local Bude band that really had the energy to kick start our weekend.  After much dancing to this band we went back to the camp site to continue the drinking amongst friends.

Saturday morning arrived and so did the sun,

more and more people were turning up for the event and as we stirred from our hangovers the sound of reggae filled the air. Intrigued and a little bleary eyed we made our way over to the main stage. I must admit i was a little shocked, the band playing were local St Agnes band The Stalks and they were very young. This isn't be any means a bad thing but i was just surprised when i saw the young musicians on stage playing some incredible music. It was a great morning of music but my growling stomach was calling and it was back to camp to get the BBQ going and have some lunch.

After much needed refueling it was back to the main festival field to catch one of my new favorite bands The Jerimias. An amazing band with an incredible Pearl Jam sound, they played an amazing set that just wasn't long enough and could have listened to them play a lot more.

The main band to play the evening on the saturday night were Sandfire Siren now i've heard a lot about this band and was really looking forward to seeing them as hadn't before. It started off well with incredible stage presence and their first song began to the releasing of balloons and was ready for the set. However after 5 songs all of which sounded rather similar we decided this wasn't really music to our taste and went back to the camping areas. However being camped in the field next to the main festival field we could suddenly hear that Sandfire siren had finished and there was some Drum and Bass beats flowing off the DJ decks. We ventured back again refueled with cider and danced the night away to a really good DJ set. However it was a shame that the set came to an abrupt end when the licience to play live music had suddenly reached it's time.

 All in all saturday was amazing, pure hot sunshine all day, good friends, good music and well organized and managed, It was a real credit to see all the staff working so hard to keep litter at bay. So well done.

Sunday morning arrived and so had the Cornish mizzle, breakfast was slowly created in the Newquay Dub CLub camping quarters and we all started to feel normal once more. I was then drawn to the music coming from the main stage and had to go see who was playing. I was delighted by the sounds of another local boy Tom Cary playing an acoustic set to his own music as well as some brilliant covers, and his last song really got the crowd going with his very talented musical skills.

The next set we saw was Craig Hammond, another Newquay local and another very talented muscian on both his guitar and harmonica. Singing mainly covers and a few of his own tracks he delighted us with more reggae tracks to dance away the sunday rainy weather.

The music is still continuing now and many are still camped up there and partying hard, Unfortunately with work in the morning i had to do the sensible thing and come home in time for tea!

I really must say this was a cracking weekend, and i want to say a massive thank you to all that organised such a wonderful first festival. You'd think they had been doing it for years as everything worked so well. I must have only seen a quarter of the bands that performed but the weekend was supurb and i look forward to going again next year.

To see the rest of my photos from the Over The Hill Weekend you can view more on my Photobrook facebook page and don't forget to like the page to keep up to date with all my latest photo's from local gigs in Cornwall.

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