Wednesday 27 March 2013

The big Spring Freeze

We are now nearing the end of March and with British summer time officially beginning on Sunday when the clocks go forward we are most definitely stuck in winter mode. However cold Cornwall is it is not as bad as up country. For those of you who didn't blink and miss it we did actually get a few flakes of the white stuff today.

So it was a very light flurry and it didn't settle but Cornwall had a tiny amount of snow non the less. I know we should be grateful of the slightly warmer weather but quite frankly unless there is going to be enough snow to give us snow days off work and let us build a snow man or go sledging in the Cornish fields then quite frankly it needs to be spring right now.

With Easter only a few days away and weather forecasters saying the cold snap could last another month when are we going to get spring weather?

We all know that the last few summers have been complete wash outs with 2012 being the wettest on record, fingers crossed if winter is lasting this long surely summer can only get better.

Here's fingers well and truly crossed for a hot summer this year in Cornwall.

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