Tuesday 21 May 2013

Surfing, polo and sunshine in Cornwall

This weekend was another stunner with beautiful sunshine all weekend, although a little chilly that didn't stop the hundreds of people crowding to Watergate Bay to watch the beach polo.

Watergate bay
I'm not sure the dog was to impressed with the polo but far more interested in learning to surf. 
Surfing dog
Now i'm not typically a horsey' person, i never learnt to ride a horse when i was a child and i never collected my little ponies, but even for someone that doesn't have an interest in horses it was beautiful to see so many of them on the beach. It's not oven you see so many beautifully dressed horses walking on the sand. Now I don't know polo either but i have now learnt that the game is split into four sections the first three 6.5 minutes long and the last 6 minutes. These quarters of the game are called chukkas. Even if like me you were slightly confused by some of the terms there was something for everyone from horse stunt displays, live music and a BBQ on the beach. Another perfect day in Watergate Bay.
Beach polo Watergate Bay

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