Sunday 11 May 2014

Newquay Volkswagen Club 10th Birthday Meet

I moved down to Cornwall nearly eight years ago now and one of the first things I did was found out about any local Volkswagen meets. Back in Essex I used to regularly attend two clubs, Spooky VW club in Maldon and Splitterz VW club in Chelmsford. There was nearly a car club for every night of the week with trips to rayleigh weir and the ace cafe a good weekly alternative. But moving to Cornwall their were a lot less clubs, but I had heard of Newquay VW club who were now meeting at the Mermaid inn on Porth beach on a Wednesday night.

I was living in Truro at the time and had made some friends from an online VW forum who were going to be at the Newquay meet. In my rusty 1974 beetle I headed down to the pub and met loads of new friends with lovely cars. As the years have passed people have come and gone but there is a really strong group of friends who keep the club alive. On Wednesday night the club celebrated it's 10th year of being together and everyone turned out in their classic cars. Previous birthday meets have seen warm evenings with stunning sun sets but this year the evening was cold, the wind blowing but it didn't put a stop to Newquay dub club pulling up in their finest retro vehicles.
Newquay Volkswagen Club

With classic split screen campers, bay windows, beetles and golfs their was a nice line up of cars. Sadly my VW beetle is no longer with me as it was sold two years ago to buy a house but even without my beetle I still attend the club and hope to for many more years to come and one day will attend in a classic camper.

Newquay Dub Club

Cornwall VW Club

Newquay VW Club at the Mermaid Porth Beach

Newquay VW Club, The Mermaid Porth Beach
For anyone with a classic Volkswagen in Cornwall who wants to attend Newquay Dub club they can find more information on the Newquay Dub Club Facebook Page.

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