Tuesday 23 October 2012

Cribbar Newquay, big wave surfing

Sunday saw a return to the warm sunny weather but also a large swell forecast and this creating 10ft plus waves.

Arriving at little fistral about 1pm crowds were already forming to watch the big waves. With the sun shining men started removing shirts and you'd be very much mistaken that it was the middle of June not the end of October.

After a couple of hours of watching empty, but giant waves, a few jet skis circled the waves but anyone was yet to tackle the beast of a wave. As low tide approached two brave surfers bargain the long paddle out to reach the line up.

By this time the crowds had increased on the headland and more and more people were arriving with picnics and drinks ready for the afternoons entertainment. With a few failed attempts the two surfers finally managed to ride the large waves and with this the crowds cheered with excitement.

Before not to long there was a stream of people bravely attempting the long paddle out to the breaking waves. With 12 in total including a body boarder and two paddle boarders alongside the surfers.

After several hours of watching the giant waves, with and without people riding them and much excitement and bitten fingernails the sun began setting and i decided to leave the beach. And so did one of the brave surfers after they snapped their board tackling the cribbar break.

It's certainly a vary impressive scene and if your lucky enough to be in Cornwall during the next big swell then you really should visit cribbar and hear and see the thunderous crashing waves.

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See my previous Cribbar photos from October 2011, where there were jetskis involved but personally having the fitness and the bravery to paddle out there with no assistance from Jet Ski's and with the setting sun makes this recent swell even more impressive.

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