Saturday 20 April 2013

Another stunning sunny day in Cornwall

Well what can I say! It's a gorgeous sunny day in Cornwall today, blue sky as far as the eye can see not a cloud to be seen for miles, but let's just remember that it is still quite cold and that it is actually only just a few digits above double figures. Not that I am trying to put a dampener on today because if you get out of the wind and enjoy the sunshine then it's beautiful.

I myself have been out enjoying the sunshine and actually been in the water today too, and lovely as it is the temperature outside was only reading 13'C which in my mind means that I shouldn't have had to witness overweight men with their tops off walking through Newquay just yet. The weather's lovely, beautiful and I really am not complaining but seriously I don't think it's quite bikini's and shirt off weather quite yet!

Newquay in the sunshine

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