Wednesday 17 April 2013

Top 5 Wedding Invitation ideas.

Getting home from work I was greeted by a small parcel on the floor from the postman. Opening the envelope I was surprised and slightly confused to have received a tea towel. 
Opening up the tea towel I soon realized this wasn't just a tea towel and was in fact a very creative wedding invitation.
Not just was the tea towel a very different way to send a wedding invite that certainly means I won't forget the date but the invite itself was particularly humorous. Rather than the obligatory 'dietary requirements' the enclosed card asked whether you were an Omnivore or Herbivore and proceeded to read 'And also that if i eat the following, I may be sick, or have to go hungry'  If the wedding is as beautiful, creative and funny as the invite then I can not wait for the big day. This then lead me to think about my top 5 wedding invitation ideas.
Wedding invitation ideas
  1. Tea towel, After today's received invite it would be rude not to put the tea towel in at number 1!
  2. Jigsaw puzzle, Send a few puzzle pieces to then be put together by your guests to work out where the wedding is. Just remember to include something simple to fill out for the RSVP.
  3. CD/DVD - Include a cd or dvd with all the details for your up and coming big day. Create a video with music and photographs with meaning to the special couple. The great thing about an invite like this is that you can include everything needed, images and information on the venue, directions and menus all in one place.
  4. Fridge magnet - This is a really simple idea, including a fridge magnet as a 'save the date' you know that the invitation can't get lost and then be a constant reminder every time you make a brew and reach for the milk.
  5. Chocolates - Send each of your potential attendees a small box of chocolates, then under each chocolate once eaten have details for the wedding. 
What are you idea's for creative DIY wedding invitations? Have you sent out something different? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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