Sunday 15 December 2013

It's nearly Christmas

With the weather outside pretty miserable and my other half suffering from the night before's Christmas work do there's nothing better than blasting out some Christmas songs and doing some Christmas baking.

Today fingers crossed I'm going to attempt my first ever mince pies, some home made meringues to go in the freezer for an emergency dessert over Christmas, I like the idea of Christmas pudding eton mess! I have no idea if this theory will work so maybe meringue and fruit will be a better idea but in my head crumbled meringue, crumbled Christmas pudding and lots of cream sounds like it could work.

And lastly on my list today is a panetone bomb, we made this last year for the family and it was really quick and easy and a real winner. I'll take lots of yummy pictures throughout the day so check back later to see if my baking skills for Christmas are a success.

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