Tuesday 24 December 2013

Making a ginger bread house

After my successful first ever mince pie bake I decided that my next challenge would be to make a ginger bread house. With an early Christmas present of a house cookie cutter kit I set to work on creating a festive ginger bread house.

Making the ginger bread went well and I had my dough to make the house, cutting the shapes wasn't to hard either, however getting large roof panels and walls made from ginger bread onto baking trays was another challenge entirely. But once I had succeeded to getting the ginger bread onto baking trays and successfully overcooked and cooled I was although slightly disheartened with my burnt shapes ready to construct my house.

With what can only be described as a bucket of royal icing I started to build my house and suddenly realised this was not an easy task. My walls didn't fit my roof kept sliding off I had icing everywhere including all over my hands, the floor and some on the house! With my partner returning from work to see the mess and frustration that I had created he quickly stepped in with his house building knowledge and helped get my house put together.

I decorated badly with far to much icing and lots of children's sweets but for our first effort it doesn't look that bad!
Ginger bread house

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