Saturday 29 March 2014

Snowboarding in Bulgaria

As the tumble weed blows across the Photobrook Photography blog you might be wondering why it has been so quiet on here lately. Well I've been away on my holidays and venturing to try something new and this meant a trip to Bulgaria learning to Snowboard.

Snow Boarding in Bulgaria
After a week up a mountain and with a very good snowboard instructor i'm pleased to say that both myself and my partner got certificates to say that we are awesome snowboarders! Problem is now I want to go again all ready. It's an impossible one for me where I normally take my camera everywhere I go but on this holiday I was no busy on the slopes boarding to take any pictures. Maybe next time I'll go for two weeks so I can fit in more sightseeing and photography as well as lots of time practising my boarding skills. 
Snowboarding in Bulgaria

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