Thursday 2 April 2015

Soggy sundays deserve the perfect roast dinner

What better way to spend a Soggy Sunday then making a beast of a roast dinner! Last week when I checked the weather forecast for the weekend I was a little saddened to see that the whole weekends forecast consisted of strong winds and heavy rain. Although I had taken part in the Park Run on the Saturday morning sadly I had injured myself whilst running and that meant that even if the weather was good I wouldn't be able to go surfing or cycling on a dodgy knee this weekend. 

With going out and exercising off the cards and leaving the comfort of the nice dry and warm house very doubtful I decided I would put my time to good use and make a full roast dinner for me and the man. 

I love eating roast dinner and to be honest I don't really mind making it but it's a lot of effort when there is just two of us to cook for so it's not very often that we enjoy one in our house. 

Slightly more grateful of the bad weather was my other half who got to stay indoors out of the rain, feet up on the sofa watching the formula one whilst I prepared a full pork roast dinner. 

Sunday Roast

Pork Crackling

Enjoying a sunday roastRaspberry blonde beer
And YES, there are Yorkshire puddings with our Pork roast dinner! So yes it is acceptable to have yorkshire pudding with ALL roast dinners.

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