Thursday 7 January 2016

New Years Eve Fancy Dress

I can't believe that this time last week I had a drink in my hand and was just a few hours away from seeing in the new year. For a long time New Years Eve means fancy dress, friends, booze and usually a very late night and this year was no different.

With an invite to a hats and wigs party, this year was to be a more mature affair, not full blown fancy dress but simply the addition of a hat or wig to add an element of fun to a house party full of adults. However it is really rather impossible to simply wear a hat or a wig without dressing the rest of your outfit to match the chosen head wear.

I decided to opt for the gorgeous purple curly haired wig from Tickled Pink fancy dress because lets be honest, who doesn't want to have gorgeous long purple curly hair without having to use hair dye or curling tongs!!

With the addition of the feathered headpiece over the top I was soon transformed into a 1920's inspired character. Then it was simply a case of wearing my own clothes to suit the wig and headpiece. One polka dot wiggle skirt and a plain black top and I was ready to go to the party. My partner who likes fancy dress a lot less than me was reluctant to wear a wig and was insisting on wearing a beanie hat! Anyone that knows my partner will know he always wears a beanie hat and that doesn't really count as fancy dress!!!

After a few phone calls we had borrowed a steam punk themed bowling hat that teamed with a smart shirt and trousers worked really well with my 1920's look.

It's great that with a few simple additions to your existing wardrobe you can make a complete fancy dress outfit without breaking the bank.
All I need now is another excuse to wear fancy dress again. I might well have turned 30 but there is no way that I am giving up behaving like a child and getting out the dressing up box and wearing something awesome.

Here's to 2016 a year filled with fun times with my wonderful friends, lots of running and surfing and lots more adventures with my camera in Cornwall.


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