Monday 23 May 2016

Beach BBQ and a gorgeous sunset across Cornwall

When I first moved to Cornwall nearly ten years ago, the idea of beach BBQ's was so exciting. Being a city girl and more accustomed to the more civilised garden BBQ I couldn't wait to cook my food on the beach.
I had visions of catching fish and cooking it straight away, being warm all night and having the most amazing evening. A stunningly beautiful beach scene with good food, good drink, good people and a lovely location.

The reality is that the weather in the UK just doesn't let me succeed in that dream as much as I would like. This weekend my friends had planned to meet on the beach for a BBQ in the evening but the weather was having other ideas.

On Saturday it did NOT stop raining. I went to bed Friday evening listening to the sound of the rain hammering down on the window panes and this continued all day Saturday. We started sending messages to each other and making back up plans as the afternoon turned into early evening and the rain continued to pour. But about an hour before we were due to meet on the beach the clouds started to break up and the sun finally started to make an appearance.

With most things, it's always better late than never and after such a diabolical day it felt even more special to enjoy an evening on the beach with friends.

We lit the BBQ's, drank beer and enjoyed a wonderful evening with the simpler things in life, good views and good friends.

Porth Beach Newquay Sunset
Porth Beach Newquay Sunset
It was an amazing evening and so pleased that I live in Cornwall and can enjoy these simple pleasures in life. 
Porth Beach Newquay Sunset
Last glimpses on sun behind the clifftop
Love an evening with good friends

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