Tuesday 24 May 2016

Getting back in between the waves in Cornwall

I moved to Cornwall ten years ago because I loved the beach and wanted to learn to surf and that still hasn't changed now. I'm still learning to surf and every year my confidence goes up and up and I think that this will be the year I master it. Then the winter comes, the waves get big and scary, I lose all of my confidence and I'm back to square one learning to surf again.

Although I do usually try to continue surfing throughout the winter, this year saw storm after storm batter the Cornish coast and learning to surf took a back step.

But with weather as gorgeous as it is at the moment, with the lifeguards being back on duty should anything go wrong and the water warming up I managed to finally get in the water this weekend.
Great Western Beach Newquay
Great Western Beach Newquay
I've been in a few times during winter with the aid of boots, gloves, a hood and a winter wetsuit but this weekend I ditched the accessories and finally felt the sea water on my skin and it felt amazing. OK so I was still in a winter wetsuit but feeling the sand between my toes is a wonderfully uplifting feeling.

I might not be able to surf very well and I'm going to always be learning but whilst I'm trying, I'm making friends, keeping fit and have a huge smile on my face and can't wait to get in the water again soon.
Tolcarne Beach Newquay
Tolcarne Beach Newquay
If you think your to old and thinking about taking up a new hobby and trying to learn something new, don't ever think your too old and always keep trying, and definitely always keep smiling.

The sun's shining, get out there, get in the water and have fun.

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