Saturday 7 July 2012

Eden Sessions. Frank Turner

Last Sunday myself and a few friends ventured over to the Eden project to watch the Eden Sessions were we saw folk legends like Seth Lakeman and Frank Turner. Although the music was good there was something lacking from the Gig.

Even though it was very wet people were still dancing and having a good time despite the rain, although those enjoying it were very few in numbers. I have been to Eden sessions before when they are held each week and fall on a saturday night however these sunday night and particularly school night performances seam to be a lot quieter.

Then there's the issue of tickets, lots of people bought there tickets in advance paying a full £40 per ticket, then a few weeks before the gigs suddenly a whole batch of tickets have been released this time at £25! So whilst i was standing there dancing away having paid £40 my festival reveler next to be might have only paid half that. And with pints of beer at nearly £4 each i could have done with the half price ticket myself. Check out the Eden Sessions facebook page to follow peoples thoughts on the ticket pricing.

All in all i enjoyed the bands but Eden has let itself down and in particularly to the locals incredibly badly. After days of deluge from angry fans comments on their facebook page Eden finally decided to answer fans about the pricing fiasco.

Will be interesting to see what happens next year, hopefully fairly priced tickets from the offset and everyone will be happy.

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