Sunday 1 July 2012

Loch Lomond, Balloch to Dunstaffnage castle.

I've just found this half written post in my blog account and must have completely forgotten to share it, and as there's some lovely pictures i thought i would post it today, Better late than never eh!

On the Thursday during our week in Scotland we were blessed with temperatures of 25'C so spent the day driving around loch lomond stopping off at regular view points, Waterfalls and castles.

Map of scotland
 Our first stop was Balloch at the bottom of Loch Lomond. It was still early in the morning when we arrived here, and made use of the facilities which were a local shopping centre, cafes and coffee shops after a short walk around a small part of the the loch the sun started breaking through the clouds and the temperature started to warm up.
Loch Lomond Scotland

Scotish Lochs
Back into the car and our next stop would be the small village of Luss. This was a really beautiful stop, with plenty of car parking right next to the waters edge. Again with plenty of local cafes and shops there were lots of people enjoying the day and enjoying the loch. We certainly had much fun enjoying the simple things in life like skimming stones on the loch. It's a really beautiful spot, which with the early morning mist rising really did feel magical.

Luss Scotland

Loch Lomond Scotland

Skimming stones
 This was the next stop on from Luss, with just a small car park and picnic tables, again there were lots of people enjoying the sun, enjoying picnics and the beautiful scenery.
Lochs in Scotland

Scotland Mountains

Loch Lomand

Scottish lochs and lakes
After this brief stop we continued to the next stop which was to the northern parts of Loch Lomond and a stop called Inveruglas. Here there is the Inveruglas power station as well as lots of boats moored up ready for tours of Loch Lomond.

Inveruglas ScotlandInveruglas Loch Lomond Scotland

 Next on our sight seeing trip was a visit to the falls of Falloch, this is a lovely waterfall just off the A82 and a short walk from a small car park. Again there were so many people enjoying the sunny Scottish weather at a really beautiful spot.

falls of Fallochfalls of Falloch, Waterfall Scotland
From here we continued to Crianlarich were there were amazing snow covered mountains and we've the temperatures rising it was made even more beautiful.

Snow in Scotland

Crianlarich Scotland
 After a little more driving we stopped at the Tight Line pub and sat in the beer garden nursing some cold pints of cider sitting by the loch.
Tight Line pub Scotland

The Tight Line pub Scotland
 We then reached our destination of the Connel bridge and the falls of Lora.
Connel bridge and the falls of Lora.

Dunstaffnage Castle Scotland
 Our last stop was Dunstaffnage Castle, which was stunning. we sat on the beach skimming more stones across the crystal clear water before returning on the road for the drive back.
Castles in Scotland

Crystal clear water

Castle ruins in Scotland

Connel Bridge Scotland

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