Thursday 17 October 2013

10 Wedding Reception Activity Ideas

Weddings at the moment seem to be all about the guests. You want your guests to have an amazing time so that your wedding is memorable. You will also enjoy your wedding more if your guests appear to be enjoying the celebrations and appreciating the wedding activities, food and entertainment you have arranged. It’s so hard to decide what to do for your wedding, especially if you want it to be unique. Here are 10 ideas for potential wedding receptions activities.

1. Secrets For Success Want to know what makes a happy marriage? Why not ask your guests for their stories and advice? You can get funny and interesting tips from the people who know you best. It’s also quite fun for guests and makes them feel included in the celebrations.

2. Guest Book Almost everyone has a guest book at their wedding. However, there are lots of different and quirky ways to present guest books. You can do things like getting guests to write on the back of polaroids or taking a picture with their note written on a chalkboard. Get creative and find a unique way of doing your guestbook.

3. Photo booth Photo booths are probably one of the most popular wedding activities this year. They have taken the wedding market by storm because of the unique and memorable experience they provide. Guests love to pose in the photo booth with items of fancy dress, and the pictures will get more interesting as the night goes on.

4. Cartoon Portraits Cartoon portraits are a good activity to have at a wedding. Artists can move around the table drawing people or set up a stand after dinner. Your guests can have a good laugh at their caricature and have something to take home with them and keep as a memory of your wedding.

5. Lawn Games If you are having an outdoor wedding and the weather is kind to you then lawn games and outdoor activities can go down really well. They get everyone involved and interacting and provide some fantastic photo opportunities. Some lawn games you can have at your wedding include giant jenga and croquet.

6. Icebreakers When everyone sits down for dinner and realises they don’t know everyone on the table things can get a bit awkward. Shy guests may find it hard to start conversation and break the ice. Place some games and ice breaker questions on the table so that your guests can get to know each other, and as the alcohol flows they will get on just fine.

7. Drinks Tasting Having alcohol samples and alcohol experts on hand can work very well at weddings. If you love wine then get people to do some wine tasting or if you prefer spirits then why not get guests involved in some cocktail making?

8. Live Music Some people prefer to play their own playlist from their ipod, others prefer a DJ to get people on the dance floor. However, live bands can really add something extra to your wedding. They create a completely different atmosphere that is likely to have everyone enjoying a dance and strutting their stuff.

9. Food Stall One thing lots of guests think about when they go to a wedding is food. Don’t leave your guests hungry in the evening, impress them with food stalls of exciting treats. You could do a sweetie stall or if you enjoy savoury food have a selection of cheeses or send waiters around with canapes. If your guests have a full belly at the end of the night they will be satisfied.

10. Memory Boards Weddings are a time to look to the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring up the past. Have an area dedicated to old photo’s and memories that you share with your guests. This will make them feel part of the wedding and everyone can enjoy looking back at some happy memories.

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