Wednesday 30 October 2013

How to Photograph your Holiday Cottage in Cornwall?

I've got a wonderful guest post to share with all my photography fans from a wonderful Cornish graphic designer on Interior Photography.

"I have kindly been asked to share a post on photography, I'm a graphic designer with a keen interest in photography. One of the websites I was involved in designing recently was for a working farm near Port Isaac. They converted some of their barns into luxury holiday cottages.

When we are designing websites for our clients, like Rooke Cottages, we know it is all about good photography. I like the design to be minimal so the photographs can set the scene, and after all, Cornwall is just so beautiful! But it is a challenge when you need to capture an interior, especially in the low light levels of a Cornish cottage.

So, here are some tips when taking promotional shots of interiors:
Cornwall Cottage Photography

1. Light
One of the best thing you can do is to show light and space. If you don't have any special equipment then try and catch evening sun. A warm glow can make a charming but dark Cornish cottage feel cosy and inviting.
Holiday Cottage Photography

2. Details
When showing an interior off to its best it can be a good idea to focus on a detail. With the holiday accommodation we wanted to hint at the lifestyle, creating moments of calm or suggestions to tempt. You can stage a scene or just just think how the room is going to be used.
Cornish Cottage Photography

3. Bringing the outside in
Every interior can be enhanced by some nature. Whether that is a bunch of flowers, or angling a shot to include an open door, or an open window hinting at the world beyond. It can really help with enlarging spaces too.
Photographing Interiors

4. Composition
Of course this is crucial to all aspects of photography, but in a crowded interior I feel perhaps more so. Are there any structural details that can be enhanced, or consider a different angle, get low down or take an image framed through something."
Interior Photography

Common sense really, but have a go and see if you can improve your interior shots. Im Emma and you can see more of my posts at Design Debate All images copyright Rooke Cottages taken by Angela Spain

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