Thursday 24 October 2013

Do you love or hate your commute to work?

When I think back to my time living in Essex and working in Chelmsford city centre I often think about my commute to work and how much I hated it. There was no point in driving to work there as you would sit in traffic watching people walk into the city centre quicker than you could drive and although the walking was healthy for you and saved lots of money when the weather was bad there was nothing worse then getting to the office soaking wet.

Yesterday when I was leaving my house I couldn't help but notice the sun rising from behind the St Austell hills and thinking how lucky I was to be experiencing this view in the morning. As the day continued I passed several amazing classic cars and continued along the Cornish back roads and onto the road to Falmouth. If anyone drives this route they will know about the beautiful valley with the river running along the left and yesterday the suns rays beaming through the trees I couldn't think of a more beautiful view.

Before I knew it, I was at the office in Penryn with the sun still shining I couldn't wish for a better commute to work and with lots of different back roads with stunning viaducts, epic wind turbines and a slight detour via the beach on the way home living and working in Cornwall is working really well and a massive difference from the daily trudge to work in Essex. Although I'm sure I won't be saying that when the rain is pouring and the nights draw in next week but for now I'm loving driving to work in the Cornish countryside.
Beautiful VW bay window on the A30 Cornwall

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