Friday 25 April 2014

DUNCAN DISORDERLY & THE SCALLYWAGS Play The Travellers Rest, Trevarrian

Last night I had planned to see one of my favourite bands at the watering hole in Perranporth the wonderful Willie and the Bandits, however when nearly everyone of my friends announced they were going to see Duncan disorderly and the scallywags at the Travellers Rest in Trevarrian it felt rude not to go.

Arriving at the pub the crowds were already starting to arriving and with a group of around twenty of my close friends it felt impossible that this wouldn't turn out to be a great night. I've not seen the band before but after a quick listen on the internet before I left I was excited to see this band. However one pint of cider washed down and a lovely sensible chat with some friends around the table the time passed by and their was a distinct lack of the band.

With a start time of 9pm and the clock edging closer to 10pm their was still no sign of the band, and the rumours racing around the pub was that the band had broken down on route and were currently on the back of a recovery truck but were still on their way. Not long after 10pm the band finally arrived and to their delight after such a terrible journey to the gig the locals rushed out to help them unload their band equipment and get set up better late than never.

The band warmed up with a slightly light hearted reggae song before throwing themselves full swing into their live set. The music was very different to anything i've heard before but it was good. Their sound was a cross between Latin, fiddly diddly Irish, reggae, ska with a small dose of beat boxing thrown in at the end. The pub was rammed with people all dancing their socks off with low lighting, low ceilings and lots of drinking made up for their late arrival. For a small pub in a small village they know how to throw a good party and their amazing selection of Cornwall and Somerset cider made for a perfect night, If you get to see this band I would highly recommend that you check them out and with rumours they are playing this weekends Porthleven food festival I highly recommend that you give them a listen.

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