Friday 25 April 2014

Land of the giants at Lusty Glaze

With the spring weather popping it's head through the clouds I have been making full use of the sunshine with cycling, surfing and running but that has meant that my little blog has taken a slightly quieter role in life. Two weeks ago I went to a gig at Lusty Glaze to see the band land of the giants, I'm a massive fan of the summer gigs at Lusty and previous gigs I've attended include The Levellers and Feeder but these were both gig's on the beach in the summer. The land of the giants gig was a smaller, local, low key event but it was still an amazing night.

Arriving at the pub on the beach I knew I was in for a good night and seeing lots of familiar faces headed to the bar for a pint of my favourite tipple. Cider and live music at a beach bar what could go wrong, well sadly only having one till working behind the bar got everyone off to a slow start and it took half an hour in an orderly queue to get a drink. Loaded with a drink in each hand it was time to move down to watch the band, but with some guests still eating their meals the band started with everyone crammed between tables desperate to clear the area and dance. With everyone watching the diners like hawks the minute they had stopped eating, politely, they were asked if tables could be moved and like a swarm of locusts everyone at the gig swept in and helped pack up chairs, clear tables and move in to create a dance floor.

The band were amazing even if they got off to a slightly unusual start and with the lead singer claiming to have a chest infection was clearly loosing his voice throughout the gig but kept on pushing through to end the night with the whole place dancing their socks off.

Another really great gig at Lusty even if their was a distinct lack of cider in my belly by the end, however on the plus side, I saved money and saved myself a hangover the next day!

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