Tuesday 18 November 2014

Digital Peninsula Training in Penzance

I was lucky enough to get funding to take part on a digital E-mail marketing course down in Penzance on Monday and Tuesday this week.

The first day the weather was horrific and I parked as close to the course center as physically possible and dashed in and dashed back out. I was trying to avoid the rain and trying to stay as dry as possible but this was impossible and got soaked through on the 5 minute walk back to my car.

As Tuesday arrived I had checked the weather forecast, left home early and parked a little way out of Penzance from where the course is held. This gave me the chance to enjoy a nice walk along the promenade before the course started.

I normally work on an industrial estate and park right outside the main doors and walk straight into work so this morning having a nice walk along the sea front felt like a nice change and even a little bit like a weekend treat enjoying parts of Cornwall that I don't normally explore.

Penzance Promenade
Penzance Promenade
Penzance Jubilee Pool
Penzance Marina
If your lucky enough to have a walk to work as beautiful as this I'm very jealous, as tomorrow I will be back to the industrial estate at the back of Redruth!!!

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