Saturday 15 November 2014

Homemade Pumpkin and Dahl Burgers

I love baking and I love being a bit creative and with one giant Pumpkin sitting in the kitchen from Halloween and a Giant saucepan full of Pumpkin soup I was struggling to find other ways to use the remaining vegetable.
Pumpkin Burgers

Looking in the cupboards for inspiration I found a rogue tin of Indian Dahl left over from a camping trip earlier in the summer and thought about making the tin of dahl mixed in with the pumpkin into burgers. With a bowl full of grated pumpkin I squeezed a lot of the water out of the vegetable through a tea towel and blended up the tin of dahl. I mixed the dahl paste with the grated pumpkin and mixed in a heap of breadcrumbs and made the shape of burgers out of the mixture and then coated in more breadcrumbs.

I cooked the burgers and was surprised when they came out of the oven still holding their shape and not just a soggy mess of pumpkin and dahl paste in the oven.
Indian Pumpkin Burgers

Added to a soft bun with some sweet spinach and a layer of mango chutney made a surprisingly tasty Inspired burger. When I have ideas of what to cook and how to cook they don't always work and I know I should try to use recipes more often as some of the ideas and inventions I have don't work but for once this idea was a good one and will definitely make them again when I have a surplus of Pumpkin to get through!

Indian Dahl Pumpkin BurgersIndian Dahl Pumpkin Burgers

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