Saturday 1 November 2014

Happy Halloween

Halloween, a creepy night of frights and torture or a jolly good excuse to wear fancy dress and meet friends!

I choose the latter, I love fancy dress and I love looking just a little bit silly, I love an excuse to see all my friends and with a busy life making time to see friends doesn't happen as much as I would like so the minute I was invited to a fancy dress Halloween party at local bar 'Share Bar' in Newquay I couldn't resist.

I've had a new fancy dress costume in my collection for quite a while and never found the right event to wear it. My latest fancy dress outfit consisted of a bumble bee outfit and planned to wear it over the summer but this never happened so last night on Halloween what better time to turn my bumble bee costume into a ZomBee!

Halloween costume

Halloween Zombee costumeHalloween Zombee costume

Halloween isn't over quite yet and I am going to the rogue theatre at Tehidy woods tonight for a night of spooky theatre in the woods so the face paints will be coming out again. If you can't wait until next Halloween to dress up for a night on the town it's only 2 months until New Years Eve when everyone gets dressed up in Fancy Dress and heads into Newquay where the whole town parties in Fancy Dress. 

If you a big kid like me and love Fancy Dress, check out the store where I got my Zombee costume as they have so many cool outfits and they are really reasonably priced so there's no excuse not to get a new outfit. Next on my wish list is another panda outfit!  As many of you know I love Pandas and seeing them in Scotland was one of my favourite experiences in life so having a supply of panda suits is essential for my wardrobe at home even if my partner completely disagrees!

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