Saturday 12 May 2012

Pandas in the UK Photographs.

Giant panda
Tuesday the 1st of May was finally the day where i got to meet the amazing Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo. The are more amazing up close that you could ever imagine. So beautiful so graceful and so lazy!

This is Tian Tian the female panda who had actually been sleeping all day, also known as Sweetie.
Tian Tian at Edinburgh Zoo

Giant pandas in the UK
And this is Yang Guang the male bear also know as Sunshine, also being a bit lazy and sleepy. Although he soon got up and started feasting on his bamboo, panda cake and carrots and looked very content.
Yang Guang at Edinburgh Zoo
 Yang Guang in his outside enclosure whilst the Zoo keepers were preparing his food in his indoor enclosure.
Giant Pandas in Scotland
 A very happy Yang Guang with his Panda cake.
panda cake
 Eating every last crumb of Panda cake off the floor.

Panda enjoying panda cake

And onto his carrots, we were actually told that pandas can eat up to 14 hours a day and sleep for the rest of the day. I like this lifestyle i could quite happily exist to just eat and sleep.

panda eating carrottspandas in the zoo in Scotland

Giant panda photographs

Giant panda photograph

Giant panda picture
 After so much eating it's quite tiring so a lazy rest for Yang Guang.
Giant panda images

Giant panda eating bamboo
 A more traditional sight was to see the pandas eating their massive amount of Bamboo, and incredibly the pandas will eat up to £70,000 worth of bamboo a year. Lets just hope lots and lots of people keep visiting these beautiful bears so that they can stay. I really do hope in the future they will be able to mate and have a cub, then i would most definitely take another trip up to scotland and see them again. Pandas have a very short fertility window and they were recently put together in the hope that they would mate, the keepers said there were very positive signs with Tian Tian certainly making all the correct noises however it just didn't happen at this time. But they also explained they they have only been in their new home a few months and it can take up to 12 months for them to settle in properly and are hoping that this time next year they will have more luck. Here's some videos from when the pair were put together courtesy of Edinburgh Zoo

Giant panda eating bamboo at Edinburgh Zoo ScotlandPanda Photography at scotland zoo

panda in Great Britainpandas in the Uk

Sunshine panda at Edinburgh Zoo Scotlandpanda at Edinburgh Zoo Scotland

panda in the Zoopandas in Scotlands Edinburgh Zoo

cute panda bear photos

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