Monday 7 May 2012

Visit to Scotland

On the 28th April, myself and my partner drove all the way up to Scotland, on a journey of nearly 500 miles in one day. Leaving Cornwall at 7am and hitting the A30 the sun was rising beautifully and the mist was rising off the hills creating a beautiful morning for a drive. However once we hit the Bodmin area the sun had disappeared and the heavy rain started, making driving not so much fun. Once we had cleared the road works on the M4 M5 junction at Bristol the rain and also traffic were both clearing. Moving on up country the sun rejoined us and the driving once again became more pleasant. Once past the main traffic hotspots of Manchester and Liverpool we were onto the open roads up country.
Passing through the lake district the scenery was incredible with the mountains and rolling hills making a real change from monotonous motorway driving. We soon reached our destination of Lanark in Scotland and found our lovely holiday cottage for the week.
Once arrived we went for a quick walk from the cottage up to the river Clyde, but with a biting freezing cold wind we soon headed back to the cottage and lit the open fire and snuggled in for the night, our first evening in beautiful Scotland. 

 The one thing i forgot to mention upon arrival at our cottage, was that it is surrounded by sheep! Pretty much every morning when the sun rose so did the sheep and we awoke to the sounds of bleating and baaing, Although i think these sheep were a little camera shy!

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