Saturday 12 May 2012

Edinburgh Zoo cute animal pictures

Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo Scotland
Here's the rest of my pictures from the other lovely animals at Edinburgh Zoo. I haven't included any Edinburgh Zoo Pandas pictures as they have there own blog post all to themselves as there so lovely. The penguins have been temporarily moved into a smaller enclosure whilst there main enclosure is refurbished, however they looked more than happy swimming about and basking in the sun whilst we were there.
Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo ScotlandPenguin photograph

Photos of penguins

Zebra photographs

Edinburgh Zoo

Leopard at Edinburgh Zoo Scotland

Leopard photograph

Leopard eating raw meat

Rock hopper penguinRock hopper penguin picture

 I loved the meerkat inclosure and a few people were leaning over and the meerkats were not at all shy to come up and sniff at people peering in at them. As one of the animals not behind glass they were a joy to photograph and actually very photogenic.
Meerkat photographyMeerkat photograph

real meerkatMeerkats at Edinburgh Zoo Scotland

Meerkat in the zoocute meerkat pictures

Meerkat sitting up

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