Sunday 27 May 2012

Beautiful weather in Cornwall, Stunning sunsets and amazing waves.

We have all been really blessed with the weather lately in Cornwall and i think throughout the UK everyone feels so much happier with the sun shining. Here's just a few photos taken on my iphone over the past 10 days of Summer weather.
Cornish blue skies
 Picture taken from my front door, in St Columb Major and noticing not a cloud in the sky
Porthtowan beach Cornwall
Another Beautiful day, Here is Porthtowan beach and actually lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with some sunshine and a pint at the Blue Bar.

Paddling in the sea at Porthtowan Cornwall
Again back to Porthtowan this week to soak up some sunshine and a cooling dip in the sea before returning back to the office to do some work.
Porthtowan beach Cornwall

Heatwave in Cornwall 32'C
 Leaving the office on Friday 25th May the temperature in my car was reading the dizzying heights of 32'C which was apparently warmer then Greece. If only the weather would last, i could get very used to lunch time walks on the beach and not having to carry a thick warm jumper and umbrella everywhere i go "just in case" And typically in Cornwall you can never really tell what the weather will do. One town can be basking in glorious sunshine while a mile closer to the coast can be chilly and grey and under a thick blanket of fog. (Newquay on Thursday Night.

Newquay sunset

Newquay waves and sunset

Watergate bay sunset CornwallSunset surf Watergate bay cornwall

Sun setting over watergate bay Newquay Cornwall
Friday night saw me venture straight to Watergate Bay for a surf and with perfect clean learner waves i was in the water for a good couple of hours. With the sun setting as i got out the water it really was a beautiful evening. There were crowds still in the water catching the last few waves of the day, and plenty of people enjoying the balmy summers evening at The Phoenix, Jamie Olivers Fifteen and The Beach Hut. BBQ's on the beach were filling the air with summery scents of smoked food. A beautiful evening and a beautiful place to spend it.

Sun set over Cornwall. Newquay beach

Setting sun over the sea
Saturday and the summery weather continues, the day has been another scorcher and popping into Newquay to get some take away after a hard days work i was lucky enough to capture the sun setting beautifully over the harbor. A slight glitch last night with some heavy rain through the night, but as the plants need it and it had all dried up by the mourning i'm really not complaining, Another great day today to be lucky enough to spend it in Cornwall.

I really hope this weather lasts, and we get to enjoy Cornwall in it's most beautiful form and the less Cornish Mizzle the better.

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