Thursday 24 September 2015

My favourite running route in the Cornish Countryside

Since I've started running again I have been lucky enough to enjoy a few evening runs at home in my local area. Most of my evening running has been during winter evenings and that has meant running in the dark. Wearing hi vis clothing and running where there are street lights.

However where I live there are no streetlights so as soon as the nights fully draw in again it will be back to running in the towns that are lit rather than countrysides and coastpaths.

One of my favourite runs is one of the shorter runs with a circular route of just 4 miles that takes in Ruthvoes and Indian Queens in a loop.

It's a great little loop, not too short to not give you a good sense of achievement but equally not too long to get bored. I use the endemondo ap on my phone and find myself competing with a previous time to try and be faster each time I run that route.

It starts off gently on the flat then goes down hill gradually before a steady up hill. It's this up hill section that pushes me. I would be lieing if I said I enjoyed this bit but once at the top of the hill there's a nice flat section to recover before a fast downhill to the end of the route.

I have done this route twice in the last week and each time I have got a little bit faster. The first time I had to walk sections of the uphill whereas the second time i didn't so I must be getting fitter and stronger some how.

Where is your favourite run?

Do you get bored doing the same route?

Do you compete with your self to get faster on a similar route?

I'd would love to hear your comments below.

Mandi xxxx

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