Friday 11 September 2015

Training for a half marathon in just 6 weeks!!!!!

Training for a half marathon in just six weeks seems like a totally crazy thing for anyone to do and as I'm not the fittest person on the planet it's even harder for me. Plus throw into the mix I only started running 9 months ago and I've been injured for 3 months it's all feeling very unlikely.

However I'm not going to let myself or anyone else down. I'm running my first half marathon in just three weeks time on the 4th of October at the second largest half marathon in the UK at the Cardiff Half and I'm doing this for the Panda.

Yes you can certainly say  'The Panda Made Me Do It' Things haven't quite gone to plan at all, Back in March several months before I turned 30 completing a half marathon was on my 'things to do before 30 list and so I signed up to only get injured a month later. Still feeling optimistic I printed out all the 12 week training guides and as the 12 week prior mark came and went I still wasn't able to train.

Now I finally feel fit enough to train, I'm running out of time to do it properly. I'm having to build up gently to avoid pulling the injured calf again and I'm doing this by doing a 1 mile warm up walk and 1 mile cool down walk either side of a run to avoid any injury and so far so good. When I say good I managed to cover 9 miles like this on Tuesday (only 7 miles of running) and was so slow and my legs wanted to die, but I still did it! How on earth I am going to cover 13.1 miles I have no idea! I'm just hoping the fitness will come to me over the next 3 weeks.....
Cardiff Half Marathon Training

So for those that believe, maybe even slightly more than me at the moment that I can do it and have sponsored me thank you very much. For those still to sponsor me, please dig deep and throw a few pennies in the pot to help save the environment for our future generations as I am raising money for WWF. You can find my Just Giving page here to make an on line donation that goes direct to the charity.

Thank you all again for your support and donations.

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