Monday 19 June 2017

How to make traditional Viennese Strudel

On our recent trip to Vienna when we heard you could visit the kitchen of a Viennese palace and watch how traditional Viennese Strudel is made and even taste the strudel and we jumped at the chance.

It turned out that the hotel we had chosen was a short walk down hill to the Schonbrunn Palace and it wasn't long before we were learning how to make Strudel, Viennese style. What we hadn't realised that how quiet the tourism scene is out of season. We had our own private viewing!
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
At first we felt slightly uncomfortable as the lady that was showing us how to make traditional strudel was talking to the whole room even though there was only the two of us there. It was great getting our own personal demonstration but she could have just talked to us rather than on auto pilot talking to an empty room!
Making Traditional Vienesse Strudle in the Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
Making Traditional Viennese Strudel in the Schonbrunn Palace Vienna
Now armed with the knowledge on how to make see through wafer thin pastry for strudel... we continue to buy British versions in the freezer section of our local supermarket as making that thin pastry bending it and folding it around your arm looked far too complicated!!!!

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