Saturday 1 December 2012

A Photographer without a computer!

Firstly i wanted to apologise for the lack of blog posts lately and share with you my frustration at having no computer :@(

2 Weeks ago my beloved iMac decided to blow up and give my the white screen of death. Now at first i thought i can live without a computer for a few days, how hard can it be! I can still take photos i can use my iphone for the internet it'll be fine, I then realised just how dependant i have become on my computer.

Mainly i am a photographer and these days that means you need a computer, I shoot all my files in RAW and so need my computer to convert these files into something more usable.

Two weeks ago when my computer died i took it into my local mac store for repair, to my horror it was the hard drive in my machine that had died. Fortunately being a photographer means i have back ups externally of all my 60,000 photos. However with the computer dropped off i went straight to the beach to photograph the Movember beach art down at Great Western Beach in Newquay.

Looking at the pictures on the little screen, i was keen to get them home and share them on my blog..... then remembered my lack of computer, No Lightroom software, no Photoshop, even having a laptop this wouldn't be able to cope with the size of 100 raw files.

A week later and i'm photographing a wedding and again missing my iMac to process the photos. Now after two weeks my iMac is back and the pictures will continue to flow on the blog. Hopefully a little more frequently now too, there's a backlog and with Christmas just around the corner i feel i have a very busy few weeks ahead of me but glad to finally have my machine back, Even if it did take me hours to reinstall all the software and get back up and running.

This is a message for anyone that has treasured photos, videos or files saved on a computer, NEVER rely on saving important documents in one place back them up more than once! I now have all my files backed up on the Mac, on an external drive and now on the cloud too.

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