Monday 31 December 2012

2012 year in review.

As the last day of 2012 draws to a close, many people will be reflecting on what they have achieved over the last 12 months and what they want to achieve and even give up for the new year ahead.

2012 has been a big year, remembering back to those soggy summer months celebrating the Queens jubilee and the Olympics. Here's my review of my 2012 from Cornwall.

January - Personally January was an incredibly hard time for me. On the 4th of January I went to Treliske hospital in Truro and had fairly major surgery on my face. I had my jaw broken in three places and am now tied back together with metal plates and screws.

Being stuck indoors for weeks and on liquid diets wasn't the best start to the year. As I recovered I was able to get back out with my camera and February provided some real good photographic opportunities for me.

February - The start of February began with a big freeze. Beaches froze and Watergate Bay saw the formation of massive icicles on the cliffs. Braving the cold weather and wrapping up my new face i ventured to beach to capture the amazing formations. My images were featured in both the Newquay Voice and Cornish Guardian newspapers.

March - This was a sad month for local Cornish radio station Atlantic FM that sadly shut down and was taken over by the generic Heart FM. Although they still have some localisation on the new radio station, personally i don't like being part of the chain radio station and am now in favour of Pirate FM, hopefully the new year will bring something new to fill the airwaves of Cornwall.

April - With the weather getting better and spring on the horizon it was time to start enjoying the beach, April proved to be a great month with Zap Cat racing coming to Newquays Fistral beach. With large waves this created a real spectacle with boats flying and launching themselves over waves. If you get a chance in 2013 this is definitely worth going to watch.

May - For me May was the best month not only because that's when I get to celebrate my birthday but also because I was lucky enough to get up to Scotland and visit Edinburgh Zoo and see the Giant Pandas. This was honestly the highlight of 2012 for me as seeing Giant Pandas has always been a dream. Hopefully the breeding plan put in place by the zoo will be successful in 2013 and i will have another excuse to take a trip up to Scotland in the new year.

June - As the longest day was reached the weather continued to shock and the summer was feeling a long way off. The wet weather continued and staying in the dry seamed to be the flavour of the month. Whilst staying in the dry I put my time into making a birthday cake for the other half. I wish he would have been happy with a simple Victoria sponge and had not requested that I make him a replica of his Porsche 914!

July - Summer in Cornwall is always about loving the beach and live music and 2012 certainly didn't dissappoint. Watergate Bay hosted the Electric Beach festival which was headlined by De La Soul. Feeder amazed crowds over at lusty glaze beach and both nights were fantastic and not a spot of rain to be seen. Unfortunately this didn't continue for the Eden Sessions which were some of the wettest sessions to be held there. Seeing Frank Turner was a particular highlight but by the end of the night a lot of people had left as they had been at the session for hours in the rain.

August - At the height of summer we also saw more rain, as 2012 has come to an end it has now been recorded that the year has been the wettest since records began. Hopefully things can only get better in 2013.

September - As the soggy summer draws to a close the end of season parties and festivals continue. The over the hill festival was a new festival for 2012 and was a complete success. Three days of live music and camping are a definite must for 2013 where hopefully the festival will keep it's intimate local vibe. The season ended with the incredible surf and roots festival held again at Watergate Bay with a massive night to remember created by live music from backbeat soundsystem and Wille and the Bandits.

October - The rain actually eased off in October and the waves picked up seeing the cribbar break just off Fistral. Crowds were down at the headland not only enjoying the massive waves but also soaking up some long awaited sunshine.

November - As with every November men everywhere ditch their razors and grow facial plumage for winter in aid of good causes and November in Cornwall is no different. Great Western beach in Newquay was turned into a massive piece of art work created in the sand around the mustache theme.

December - So we come to the end of the year, another month of torrential rain, more flooding in the west country, the world didn't end like the Mayans predicted but the weather could be described as apocalyptic. The rain has now become relentless and the roads like rivers. Let's just hope that 2013 is a much dryer year for all those that have been effected by flood damage.

Happy new year and here's to a fantastic 2013 in Cornwall and afar. I'm hoping for a year filled with more amazing live music, laughter and fingers crossed some Cornish sunshine.

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