Sunday 23 December 2012

Womens size 9 shoes

Today I decided it was time to replace last years trusted fluffy boots with a new pair, a pair that didn't leak and weren't wearing thin on the soles. Heading off into the local city centre of Truro I headed to the first shoe shop. I enter Treds, my eyes light up with their range of shoes and boots and so I head straight to the sales assistant to ask for a particular boot in a size 9. She replies with "Sorry we don't stock ANY size nines in this store any more" 

A little disappointed I head to the next shop this time Clarks, all their sale shoes are sorted by size. With a grin on my face I head to the section that is clearly marked up with a big number nine. Sadly I am mistaken once again; below the number nine is nothing but size seven and eight shoes. The sales assistant in here was good enough to come to my help and offer to order in a pair of shoes in a size 9 if i wanted and also said that i could order them online. 

Without sounding like an ungrateful child that wants everything right now, I don't want to order shoes online, i want to go into a shoe shop like any other lady and be spoilt for choice over which shoes to buy. I want to try on several styles and several colours and then buy the nicest fitting shoe or boot. I want the frill of coming home from a successful shopping trip with a shiny new purchase. 

Next I head to Schuh and now I’m getting really excited, there's Hello Kitty trainers for adults, Vans wellies in black and white checked prints not to mention the array of fluffy warm looking boots, exactly what I’m looking for. Marching straight up to the counter I ask for anything in a size nine? Yet again, I’m told that they don't stock anything in a size nine. Although they did offer to try and order something in the store for me. Since getting home I have been on the Schuh website and sorting the shoes by 'Womens' and 'Size 9' i'm deduced down to a selection of just 7 pairs of shoes to choose from, 6 of which are a unisex shoe. And as i'm looking for a pair of boots i'm still unhappy. 

From the comfort of my sofa i head over to see what they could potentially order in for me from Treds. I soon realized that I couldn't even search the site by shoe size. So without looking up every page of shoe that i might vaguely be interested in and then checking to see if it came in a size suitable for me, I decided this would take several hours of my time and so quickly gave up.

Next over to the Clarks website where i'm delighted to say they actually have a dedicated page for the hard to find size 9 shoe. 49 different varieties of shoe all in a size 9, unfortunately they still don't have the flat comfy warm boot that I am trying so hard to find.


I have however, heard of a shop on an industrial estate in Newquay itself, that make their own sheepskin boots in lots of colours and up to a size nine!!!!! Fingers crossed the local trader can help out and supply me with a new pair of boots to keep my feet warm this winter. I will let you know how I get on, but I’m really hoping that I can visit the store and choose a shoe or boot that I like, try it on in my size without feeling like a freak for my big feet and treat myself this Christmas.

Is it so wrong for a woman to want to go into a shop, see lots of choices of clothing or footwear and try items on until you find something that makes you feel fabulous, that you want to part your hard earned cash for? Just because I’m tall doesn't mean that I don't want to be a girlie girl and enjoy a good old fashioned shopping trip. 

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