Monday 3 December 2012

North devon floods, rainbows and classic car shows.

Last weekend whilst photographing a wedding in North Devon i was caught up in the worst weather and flooding the west country has experienced for years. News reports were coming in from Cornwall of very severe weather and that is was moving east and on it's way to Devon. Twitter feeds were full of reports of flooding and local radio stations had changed their usual shows to feature constant updates on the latest news and the situations on the roads.

This did not in any way damppen the spirits at the wedding, with the christmas decorations up the bride, groom and the hotel all looked wonderful and you'd never even know it was monsoon weather outside. 
The dreaded storm moving over Bideford old bridge.

 Rainbow over the new bridge Bideford.

On the sunday i was delighted to find a small classic car show in the panier market in Barnstaple.  

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