Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Atlantic Fm

Yesterday we heard the sad news of Atlantic FM being sold to radio giant Heart radio, which in my honest opinion is a sad day for Cornwall.

When i first moved to Cornwall nearly six years ago Atlantic Fm was in it's infancy, I remember listening to broadcasts on repeat playlists played over and over saying that the new radio station was coming soon and since that day i have been a fan of the station. It's not like the other stations and has a much looser friendlier approach to radio and is a fun station to listen to. Being on the road so much with work i listen to the radio in my car a lot and getting fed up of other stations where they play the same songs over and over i always found myself tuned into Atlantic and generally feel quite sad with it's demise.

When i travel up and down the country and listen to a variety of stations i always feel a sense of homeliness when i cross that border and can pick up a nice local station, sadly now with the frequency turning to Heart it will be the same songs and same rubbish played out country wide, and as for the local news being brought to us from Exeter makes it even more upsetting for those that used to work and broadcast from St Agnes.

Hopefully a new station will be born in it's absence for local people by local people broadcasting from Cornwall soon.

Good bye Atlantic FM, from a very sad fan.