Saturday 10 March 2012

American Breakfast - Pancakes and maple syrup

When my partner woke me up this morning saying that he wanted pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast i thought it very strange as normally a coffee and cigarette is all he ever has. I agreed that i would pop to the shop and get some pancakes, he told me he wanted home made ones with scrambled egg and bacon!

Pancake batter
He's not after much first thing in the morning! After some searching for a true American style pancake recipe on the internet and a visit to the local shop later we made a joint effort to make a wonderful brunch.

American pancakes and bacon

Pancake day, with bacon and maple syrup

I'm definitely not going to make a habit of this as i have now eaten so much i can't move, but very very tasty indeed and definitely a treat for special weekends only.

American pancakes scrambled egg and bacon

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