Sunday 18 March 2012

Cutest guinea pig pictures

With no plans for the weekend other than the usual household duties I went out and got my guinea pigs their daily dose of grass and whilst laughing at them stuffing their faces i wondered if they would let me get close enough to use my fish eye lens to create some interesting pictures of my piggies.
Cute guinea pig pictures

The results were that they couldn't care less about the camera pointing in their faces whilst stuffing themselves with as much grass as possible.

Fish eye lens photography

Guinea pig photographs

Guinea pig photography

Picture of Guinea pig

Close up picture of a guinea pig eating

Cute guinea pig pictures

Guinea pig images

Guinea pig photos

I can't stop smiling at how cute my two boys are, such cute little noses.


  1. How cute. Those guinea pigs sure look like they like having their picture taken.

  2. They'll do anything when there's grass involved!