Sunday 11 March 2012

Newquay Surfing photography, Towan beach

Yesterday i spent several hours down on the beach at Towan in Newquay photographing some local lads out surfing as well as taking some general photos whilst out and about in the Newquay harbour area. It wasn't cold and did feel quit nice even on such a grey misty foggy day, and there were lots of people out enjoying newquay yesterday both in and out the water, although i wish i had waited for today as it's even warmer and even sunny today,  Lets hope the clean waves and lovely weather lasts.
        Towan beach Newquay Cornwall

Surfer Newquay Cornwall

Surfers in Newquay Cornwall

Newquay Harbour Cornwall

Cornish Harbour Newquay

Paddle board surfing Newquay Cornwall

Surfers in the bay. Newquay Cornwall

Beach Photography Cornwall

Surf photography, Newquay Cornwall

Surfing in Newquay Cornwall

Surfing in Cornwall. Towan beach

Crowded beaches surfing in Newquay

Perfect sets for Newquay surfers

Surf in Newquay Cornwall

Riding waves at Towan beach Newquay

Winter surfing in Cornwall

Surfing in Cornwall. Newquay Towan beach

Cornwall surf capital

To see all the photo's from yesterdays session please visit my Facebook or Magic seaweed profile to see them all.

I had to stop at Watergate on the way home for this photograph, considering the whole day had been grey and very foggy, it was a nice surprise seeing a glimpse of sun breaking through the clouds on the way home.
Newquay sunset Cornwall

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