Monday 23 June 2014

fistral bay hotel review

I've been pretty lucky recently and won a weekends stay at the Fistral Beach Hotel in Newquay which even though only a few miles from my home seemed too good to refuse. As I live with my partner in a tiny village in the middle of know where we don't often get to go out together and both drink as one of us always needs to drive and taxi's back to ours are rather expensive.

With the weekend booked and a heatwave on the way it seemed that everything was going to be perfect. We arrived at the hotel after work and checked into our room, which was simply amazing. With a room over looking the sea and the sun shining it looked stunning outside but inside the room was stunning too. Beautifully decorated to my exact taste and with a gorgeous rose petal heart on the bed.

Rooms at the fistral beach hotel

View from the rooms at the fistral beach hotel

Fistral beach hotal room decor

Looking out the window and the weather so hot all I wanted to do was get in the sea but lucky for my other half the tide was in so the surf wasn't up to much and I was hungry so we took the short walk across the beach and headed over to The Stable Restaurant.
Footprints in the sand
Anyone that's even visited my blog just once will probably have read that I love cider and The Stable is a mecca to alcoholic apples and pears. Baring in mind we had a room for the night we could both enjoy a few of the speciality ciders and a meal of pie! The restaurant is gorgeous, again decorated to my taste with a retro rustic feel. The sun setting across the sea and the windows and doors opened it was an amazing way to spend our first night in Newquay.
The stable fistral beachFood at the stable fistral beach

After a wonderful evening, the next day was my turn to get in the water so we headed down to the beach. Whilst my other half soaked up some rays and read a magazine, I was in the water. it really was a beautiful day to enjoy the beach. Now you'd think living so close to the beach we go quite a lot but we really don't, not together. I'll go to the beach for a quick surf after work or to photograph an event with my camera but today we had no other reason then to simply relax and enjoy. 
Summer at Fistral Beach
As my other half's birthday was the following Friday so I had planned a sneaky surprise to get all our friends down to the beach for an evening BBQ. The evening stayed warm until the sun set and having a few drinks with close friends was the perfect way to spend an evening.
BBQ on Fistral Beach
 The Sunday morning we left the hotel and yet again the sun was shining but all this good weather had meant that the surf was dropping off rapidly so a quick dip in the morning to flex the muscles and another few hours were enjoyed on the beach. 

It really was an amazing weekend and massive thanks have to go out to the Fistral Beach Hotel for giving us a weekends stay at the hotel so that we could really enjoy the beach and all it has to offer. The hotels gorgeous, the terrace at the front of the hotel brilliant for a few drinks in the sun above the beach, the staff friendly and the breakfast yummy. 

Thank you again Fistral Beach Hotel.

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