Sunday 29 June 2014

Joe Way Paddle for Life

When I first moved to Cornwall eight years ago I worked in a variety of Holiday parks and for two years this included Hendra Holiday Park where I worked for the Way family. Working in various roles at Hendra I was lucky enough to meet Matt Way's son Joe, a little boy full of smiles who sadly lost his life to various illnesses. Through his death a group of Lifeguards endured a challenging paddle from Watergate Bay to Newquay harbour to raise money and awareness for Joe story and raise money for local charities. Seven years on the Joe Way Paddle for live is a fundraising highlight of the year for Newquay with hundreds of people taking part. 

Joe way paddle for life
Joe way paddle for life
The day started at 4pm with crowds of people at the harbour and the children's 200 metre paddles under way. The harbour was packed children enjoying the water, with the sun shining and the live bands playing it was an enjoyable experience even for those not taking part. However I was taking part! For the first year I had been persuaded by the girls for the ladies surf club that we should put in a team. 
Newquay Harbour

Joe way paddle for life, newquay harbour
Once registered and with my wrist band securely in place the girls team were entered into group number 9, the last group before the relay teams which comprised of super fit lifeguards, surf schools and coasteering clubs. With two of our favourite surf coaches alongside us we left the harbour paddling out to the open sea. This didn't feel too bad, with the tide going out and helping us out the harbour and the cheers from the crowd spurring us on the adrenaline kicked in. Then we left the harbour and witnessed the full 1km course and the paddling became harder, with arms tiring our surf instructors cheered us on and made sure we were all ok as we completed the course. 
Joe way paddle for life wristband
With arms burning as we re-entered the harbour the cheers from the crowd helped us all finish the course, and what a great feeling this had been to take part in the event and I would love to take part in the event again.
Joe way paddle for life newquay

Joe way paddle for life

Joe way paddle for life 1km course
 The event was closing with the relay race with all the local lifeguards who completed the course a lot quicker than I had done but the evening wasn't over yet as life music continued at the harbour until late in the evening. 

If you want to learn more about the Joe Way Paddle for Life, donate money or even take part next year visit their website here

Massive well done to everyone who took part it really was an amazing evening and pleased to have been part of a really wonderful fundraising event.

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