Friday 27 June 2014

Josh Curnow Music - Cornwall

I love live music and I love local music,with this weekend being filled with ongoing talk of Glastonbury I wanted to share with you an incredible talent from Cornwall that if you haven't heard of already you need to listen too.

A few years back I attended the Food Bank charity ball and they had this young lad on guitar playing and singing and to be honest I thought he was good but didn't really go home remembering his name. Then a few years later whilst listening to BBC introducing I hear an amazing song that captured my full attention and was memorized by his lyrics and gruff tones. Listening on Spotify I was pleasantly surprised that all his songs contain his amazing lyrics and incredible voice it really is music that gets to your soul.

I'm pleased to say that Josh has just released his second EP and I currently have his CD in my car, and this EP is even better than the first, and I highly recommend that you get your self a copy and take a listen or even better still go and support him and see him play live. Track two on the album is not only incredibly catchy and totally feel good you can't help but laugh, the lyrics are brilliant and puts you in the mood for a good drink with friends in your local Cornish pub.

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