Saturday 21 February 2015

Valentines Day dates in Falmouth and review of the Shed

The 14th of February, Valentines day a day to celebrate love. Reminiscing back to your school days worrying if you would or wouldn't get a card and then receiving a card with that illusive "from ......??" is a thing of the past. As you get older things change, you go from looking forward to Valentines day and the mystery of whether or not you will get spoilt by a new boyfriend to being in a steady relationship and thinking that Valentines is no more than a money making scheme by the card companies and retailers to get you to increase their revenue after the January sales have been and gone. After all Christmas was only a few weeks ago and we spoilt each other rotten then!

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to spend my 7th Valentines with my lovely other half and he really didn't disappoint. Producing a small gift bag even though we had agreed no gifts. I looked inside and was super excited to receive a new lemon juicer!!! Romantic? maybe not but something I keep moaning about missing in my kitchen and very useful? Yes indeed. I do seem to remember last year buying my other half a new griddle pan for Valentines! Who ever said romance is dead? Romance is just extremely practical in our house!
Valentines Day gift

Starting off Valentines with a bit of true love, I jumped out of bed and headed up to Bodmin to complete the 5km Park Run. On arriving home I was delighted that my other half was going to spend the day with me. That might sound like a funny statement considering we live together but we are both rather independent. I will often fill my weekends with running, cycling, surfing, baking and sewing whereas my partner prefers tinkering with cars or building our house and doing DIY so quite often we spend weekends doing things that we love just not together.

On Valentines day all that changes, although I sneaked in my Park Run it was a day that we were going to spend together and this year that meant a romantic day together in Falmouth. Perusing the quaint shops, walks around the harbour and a spot of lunch. Falmouth really is the perfect place for spending the afternoon and one of the first places we went together before we started dating so even more special for us.
Valentines Day in Falmouth

We headed to The Shed for a bite to eat for our Valentines lunch which is a small cocktail tapas restaurant near to the maritime museum. On arriving the restaurant was fairly busy but we were lucky enough to get squeezed in. The service was exceptional and our waiter extremely friendly, polite and helpful. With a drink each we perused the menu and I decided that after my extremely healthy morning of running 5km I would reward my self with a dirty great big burger! There was sadly a slight mix up on my order and they had added blue cheese to my burger which I didn't want but the staff were fantastic and not only swiftly re-made my meal but also bought us complimentary drinks to apologise for the mix up. When the food arrived it really was very yummy and a huge portion that did feel less guilty once consumed with the knowledge that I had at least earned a few mouthfuls of it with my earlier run.


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